How to design fitted wardrobe doors

Bespoke fitted wardrobes are made to adapt all factors, for example, spending plans, tastes, and space. Regardless of whether it is for your bedroom, a foyer storeroom, or a house office, a fitted wardrobe can be a masterpiece and also a pragmatic storage solution. A built-in wardrobe can make your room look gorgeous and beautiful. Once the door of the built-in wardrobe is open, everything is perfectly organized. The delightful finish fits splendidly with the rest of your room, making it look great. To make your room look good with a fitted wardrobe, always ensure that the design of the built-in wardrobe door is built well.

The doors of bespoke wardrobes London are available in various styles and designs. Some doors are equipped with mirrors, carvings, grills, and raised panels and many more that will improve the room in many ways. Above all, it is to your liking to go for a well-fitted wardrobe door. Below are some factors that you have to consider when selecting the right fitted door for your wardrobe.

Make sure to design a door that coordinates well with the rest of the decoration of the room. The wardrobe door should follow the contemporary theme if the room is designed that way. Regardless of whether you want to try different looks by mixing and coordinating you have to ensure that the general look isn’t uncomfortable.

Make a door that fits well with the size of your room. When the room is small, you can go with a wardrobe door that is mounted with a mirror. This will make your room to be larger through the reflection. When the room is big, you can opt for latticed or carved doors that accentuate the beauty of the space. To make the doors more functional, you can put hooks and stands inside the door so that you can hang your clothes.

Use door mirrors

Even if you do not want mirrored doors in your bedroom, these can be an advantage. When operating with a smaller room, the mirrors can reflect natural light and make the room feel larger than it is. At least one of the fitted wardrobe doors must have a mirror. A full-length mirror is essential if you install built-in wardrobes in your dressing room or bedroom. The mirror can also help you with the self-check when trying out different outfits.

When you want to paint the doors of the fitted wardrobes London, be careful not to distort the colors of the doors. In addition, it needs to coordinate well with the paint on the walls of your rooms and also the doors and windows. If you want to put sliding doors in your built-in wardrobe, ensure that it is well lubricated to prevent the door from being stuck when opening or closing the door.


Nowadays, it is very simple to design a built-in wardrobe door that combines exactly with your room. A lot of stores provide customized services so that you can get a door that fits well with the doors of a built-in wardrobe. Simply make sure that you have correct measurement for your fitted wardrobe, and you will get a door that not only increases the beauty of the room but as well facilitates the storage of your items.