Thinking About CCTV and Its History

There are some really interesting things to know about the CCTV cameras that you see everywhere around the world. In some places you can find them more than others. Many years ago you would not see any. But today they are everywhere, thousands of them in some communities. There are millions around the world.

If you want to know a little bit about the history of it all it starts with the CCTV camera in Germany first being installed years ago back in 1942. The reason that the CCTV was put in during that time was because the people wanted it for observing the launch of the V2 rocket. But things have changed a lot since that time and now they are used for security around the world. You can find them around shopping centers, and many other popular places in town likely your own town. The CCTV cameras started to finally be used in the public later in the early 1960s and now there are millions around the world watching people go about their daily lives. You might not have paid much attention to them but they are there and they do watch people that are living their normal lives. It might seem like an intrusion on privacy but it has become something normal and to be expected. That is because they have finally made their way to being put into places many areas around the world. You could be in China, Canada, the United States, or Germany, and there are CCTV cameras everywhere.

There are also many videos that you can find online with CCTV camera footage. Interesting footage gets captured and you can see some videos that have compiled videos that feature life-saving incidents, and other miraculous footage that happened to have been caught on CCTV so people could watch later.