Types of CCTV cameras

CCTVs have been installed everywhere now days because of the various benefits it has. However, there are different types that you need to chose from. Let us look at the various types and how they work.

LPR Cameras

LPR stands for License plate cameras, this cameras captures any information in an area with high traffic. They are placed registration plates and they can read and store data. LPR camera can help in identifying cars that have been banned from some premises, can store useful information and allows your business to run in a very smooth way.

Bullet camera

These are the most common cameras that are mostly placed outside. They are long and cylindrical in shape the reason as to why they have a long shape is to view things from a distant. Bullet cameras have a high quality image resolution and a great night vision.

High definition cameras

These are the best cameras but they are mostly used in risky areas like casinos and banks. They can capture a clear image of everyone who enters and exits. A user is in a position to zoom images using this camera.